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Theodore Roosevelt National Park
(The North Dakota Badlands)

Photo of River Bend Overlook - North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

"I never would have been President if it had not been for my experiences in North Dakota" - Theodore Roosevelt

Welcome to Theodore Roosevelt National Park...
The Badlands...some call it "The Land God Forgot", others call it one of the most mysterious and beautiful places on Earth, still others liken its rugged terrain and awe inspiring rock formations to a lunar landscape. No matter what one sees in the Badlands, one thing is for certain...

"This broken country has been called always, by Indians, French voyagers, and American trappers alike, the Bad Lands." - Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota's #1 tourist attraction, is a 70,446 acre park located in west central North Dakota. Collectively known as the "Badlands", the park is separated into three separate and distinct units: the South Unit, the North Unit, and the remotely primitive Elkhorn Ranch Unit. The North and South Units are approximately 70 miles apart, with the Elkhorn Ranch Unit located in between.

The South Unit
The South Unit features a 36 mile scenic drive and is anchored by the old west town of Medora. Here visitors can take in a western themed musical, visit Teddy Roosevelt's cabin, play a round of golf on the beautiful Bully Pulpit Golf Course, tour the Chateau De Mores - a 27 room mansion built in 1884, among so many other sites and activities.

The North Unit
The North Unit, located near Watford City, features a 15 mile scenic drive with many turnouts and interpretive signs along the way. A highlight of the North Unit is the awe inspiring panoramic view at River Bend Overlook.

The Theodore Roosevelt Connection
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, America's 26th President, first arrived in the North Dakota Badlands in 1883 on a big game hunting trip. Here he established two cattle ranches: the Maltese Cross Ranch and the Elkhorn Ranch. Teddy's cabin still survives and is open for viewing at the Medora Visitors Center.

The Wild Buffalo Herds and other Wildlife
The buffalo (Bison) is the largest mammal, and some say the most ferocious, on the North American continent. A full grown bull can weigh over 2,000 pounds and stand more than 6 feet tall at the shoulder. They can run up to 35 miles per hour and turn faster than a horse. 300 of these magnificent beasts roam free in the South Unit and 100 roam free in the North Unit. It is not uncommon for a buffalo to hold up traffic as it slowly walks across a roadway. Warning: Buffalo are wild animals and can be extremely dangerous. It is best to view these animals from a distance.

Complete list of wildlife viewable at Theodore Roosevelt National Park:
Birds (over 180 different species)
Bison (Buffalo)
Eagles (Bald and Golden)
Elk (South Unit only)
Longhorn Steers (North Unit only)
Mule Deer
Prairie Dogs (large towns in South Unit)
Pronghorn Antelope
Snakes (including the poisonous Prairie Rattlesnake)
White-tailed Deer
Wild Horses (eastern section of the South Unit only)

Park Features...
70,446 Acres
Awe inspiring views
Medora - an Old West town
Teddy Roosevelt's Cabin
Chateau De Mores - 27 room mansion built in 1884
Medora Musical - western themed musical
Bully Pulpit Golf Course - 18 scenic holes set in the ruggedly beautiful Badlands
Wild Buffalo Herds
Wildlife Viewing
Maah Daah Hey Trail - world class 96 mile Mountain Bike Trail
Visitor Centers
Hiking and Nature Trails
Interpretive Trails and Tours
Horseback Tours

Photo of Cannonball Conretions - North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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South Unit:
Roosevelt Cabin (out)
Roosevelt Cabin (in)

Peaceful Valley 1
Peaceful Valley 2
Peaceful Valley 3

Wind Canyon 1
Wind Canyon 2
Wind Canyon 3
Wind Canyon 4

Sandstone Formations
Scenic Valley

Painted Canyon 1
Painted Canyon 2
Painted Canyon 3

North Unit:
Canonball Concretions

River Bend Overlook 1
River Bend Overlook 2
River Bend Overlook 3
River Bend Overlook 4

Photo Tour - South Unit
Photo Tour - North Unit

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